Retreat "Path of Tranquility in the Land of the Rising Sun"

From 04.10.2024 to 18.10.2024

Set in the serene landscapes of Japan, this holiday offers you a precious opportunity to engage in a process of personal development and mental health coaching, enriched by holistic therapeutic practices. Under the benevolent guidance of our spiritual master and experienced therapist, this journey invites you to explore the depths of your being and cultivate a sense of emotional and mental well-being.

Combining spiritual teachings, coaching techniques and holistic therapeutic approaches, you’ll be guided in your quest for personal growth and inner healing. Through individual sessions, group activities and meditative practices, you’ll develop practical tools for overcoming life’s challenges, releasing emotional blockages and achieving a state of lasting inner peace.

Mont Fuji et cerisiers en fleurs

Through individual sessions, group activities and meditative practices, you’ll develop practical tools for overcoming life’s challenges, releasing emotional blockages and achieving a state of lasting inner peace.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

In this sanctuary of tranquility, you’ll be encouraged to connect with your deepest essence, explore your aspirations and become aware of your inner resources.

Through therapeutic approaches such as meditation, creative visualization and relaxation techniques, you’ll balance your mind, body and soul for a deep and meaningful transformation.

Join us for an experience of personal growth and mental well-being, where every moment is an invitation to discover your true potential and embrace a fulfilled, authentic life.

The days open with personal or professional coaching sessions and mental health support, offering invaluable guidance. Afternoons are dedicated to exploration and relaxation, giving way to discovery and holistic therapies. The evenings are yours, free for some well-deserved relaxation.

Days 1-4: The Awakening in Tokyo in Tokyo in Tokyo

Private transfer to your Janu Tokyo spa hotel, a prestigious establishment embodying contemporary luxury in a minimalist aesthetic, nestled in the heart of Tokyo at Azabudai Hills. Its strategic location is ideal for exploring Tokyo while offering a haven of peace. Its wellness center offers a wide range of activities, from dance to yoga, to meet every wellness need, while offering relaxation and fitness with its 25-meter swimming pool and Tokyo’s largest gym.

Explore the iconic neighborhoods of Shibuya, Shinjuku and Asakusa, where the fusion of modernity and tradition is palpable. Awaken your taste buds with a refined tasting of local dishes in picturesque restaurants. Soak up history at the Imperial Gardens and the Meiji Shrine, just a stone’s throw from the trendy and eccentric Harajuku district. Immerse yourself in traditional districts such as Ueno, with its lively Ameyoko River and the famous Tokyo National Museum. Then discover Asakusa, with its imposing Senso-ji temple at the end of boutique-lined Nakamise Street. Round off your tour with a visit to Hamarikyu Garden, a veritable oasis of greenery in the midst of bustling urbanism. And for an enriching sensory experience, let yourself be transported into the captivating world of the tea ceremony, where each gesture reveals an ancestral story.

Days 5-6: Lake Kawaguchi and Mount Fuji   Mount Fuji   Mount Fuji  

Continue your journey towards natural harmony at Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso, offering breathtaking views of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. This peaceful haven features natural hot-spring baths and spacious Japanese-style rooms. During a peaceful cruise on the lake, marvel at the imposing grandeur of Fuji-san reflected in its calm waters.

Explore mountain trails offering breathtaking panoramas, where every turn reveals a new spectacle of raw beauty. Then immerse yourself in the healing thermal waters of the onsens, for total relaxation in the heart of nature.

Days 7-11: The Essence of Kyoto of Kyoto of Kyoto

Embark on a journey of holistic well-being at Six Senses Spa Kyoto, where modern luxury meets old-world charm, where smart technology meets traditional healing methods and the essence of Zen culture.

In Kyoto, the cradle of Japanese culture, soak up the serenity of iconic temples such as the Golden Pavilion and Kiyomizu-dera, witnesses to a glorious past. Immerse yourself in the refined art of matcha tea during an intimate ceremony, and wander the historic lanes of Gion, where the mystery of the geisha still lurks. Give free rein to your creativity during a calligraphy class, and discover the soul of this ancestral art that transcends time.

Immerse yourself in the world of Buddhist mindfulness at Ryosoku-in Temple for a ritual garden purification session and experience the interconnectedness of a clear mind and environment. Discover the subtleties of Shodo calligraphy, an ancestral artistic practice using ink and brush to connect body and mind.

Day 12: Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Osaka of Osaka of Osaka

Your journey continues in dynamic Osaka, where the hustle and bustle of city life awaits you. Discover the city’s cultural and culinary diversity as you explore its lively neighborhoods and picturesque markets. Stroll the lively streets of Dotonbori, famous for its neon signs and gastronomic delights. Visit Osaka Castle, an emblem of Japanese feudal history, and soak up the lively atmosphere of the Shinsekai district.

Private Jet Charter Osaka

Day 13- Ascent to Mount Koya Mount Koya Mount Koya

Your journey takes you to the majestic peaks of Mount Koya, a spiritual sanctuary nestled in the heart of the mountains. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Buddhist temples, where calm and contemplation reign supreme. Walk the sacred paths of this sacred site, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Take part in ancient spiritual ceremonies and discover the age-old traditions of monastic life. Immerse yourself in the spellbinding atmosphere of this sacred place, where every moment is an invitation to reflection and spiritual connection.

Head to the Gion district, stroll through the narrow streets lined with traditional wooden houses, where you might be lucky enough to spot a geisha moving elegantly towards a teahouse, and continue with a delicious dinner in a traditional restaurant, where you can enjoy refined Japanese cuisine.

Finally, round off your evening in style by attending a traditional Noh or Kabuki theater performance for an unforgettable cultural experience.

Day 14: Nara's Hidden Treasures and of Arashiyama of Arashiyama of Arashiyama

End your journey in style by exploring the hidden gems of Nara and Arashiyama.

Contemplate the majesty of Todai-ji’s Great Buddha and let yourself be enchanted by the tranquility of Nara Park. Explore the stone gardens of Ryoan-ji temple, a veritable oasis of meditation in the heart of the bustling city. Finally, plunge into the enchantment of Arashiyama, where temples blend into lush nature and the famous bamboo forest unfolds its mystical alleys. And for an extra touch of adventure, hop on a bike and explore the enchanting landscapes of this poetic region. Enjoy your last evening in Kyoto with an evening stroll along the Kamo River to admire the sunset.

You can admire the sparkling lights of the lanterns along the bridges, while the cherry trees and weeping willows are reflected in the water. It’s a magical experience to relax and reflect on your trip before you leave.

Day 15: Return to Tokyo and transfer to the airport for your flight back   back   back  

Discover an unforgettable Japanese adventure, a spellbinding journey through the hidden treasures of the Land of the Rising Sun. This holiday invites you to enjoy a unique experience, where every moment reveals the timeless magic of Japan, between tradition and modernity, serenity and wonder.


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For Swiss and European Union nationals :

  • Valid passport (valid 6 months after date of return)
  • No visa required for stays of less than 3 months

Offset schedule schedule schedule

+7h in summer, +8h in winter.