Retreat "Sacred Cocoa: Soul Exploration and Reconciliation with the Soul Nature in the Mayan Lands of Mexico".

Discover the vibrant soul of Mexico at our retreat ‘Sacred Cocoa: Soul Exploration and Reconciliation with Nature in the Mayan Lands of Mexico. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and deep spirituality of this fascinating country.

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Explore the secrets of ancestral Mexican traditions at authentic cocoa ceremonies, where Every drop of cocoa tells a story of spiritual connection and healing. Soak up the enchanting colors and sounds of traditional markets, where local crafts and artistic treasures transport you to a world of creativity and tradition.

Discover mysterious archaeological sites and ancient pyramids, where the remains of ancient civilizations invite you to take a journey through time and space.

Connect with nature and spirit in purification and healing ceremonies with local shamans, where each ritual is a sacred dance with the elements of earth and sky.

Taste the exquisite flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine as you sample authentic dishes prepared with local ingredients and recipes handed down through generations. Enjoy a sensory and spiritual experience in the heart of Mexico, where every moment is a celebration of Mexican life, creativity and spirituality.

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