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Planning your next retreat? We take care of every detail for you.

At Edelweiss Travel Designers, we are dedicated to offering unique travel experiences, combining world exploration and personal development. Discover our tailor-made services designed to guide you towards a more fulfilled life.

Luxury wellness resort

Customized Travel  Travel  Travel 

Our high-end tailor-made trips are designed to meet your specific needs and personal aspirations while being responsible towards the environment and local communities.

Whether you dream of discovering Balinese temples, immersing yourself in the Costa Rican jungle or exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, we create itineraries that allow you to enjoy authentic experiences while developing personally.

We are committed to working closely with local communities to ensure that our trips benefit both travelers and locals, while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Each trip is carefully planned to offer an immersive and enriching experience, while respecting the values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Luxury wellness resort
Personal and professional coaching

Personal and professional Coaching Coaching Coaching

Our coaching specialists offer a variety of services to meet your needs, whether professional or personal. Through our commitment to your personal growth, our qualified life coaches and therapists accompany you on your journey.

From developing your personal goals to solving the challenges you encounter along the way, our team offers you personalized, caring support, even after you’ve returned home. Whether you want to enhance your career, strengthen your leadership, or guide your team to success, our coaches help you define your goals, identify obstacles, and develop effective strategies to realize your full potential.

Whether it’s professional transition, personal growth, or support in managing your business or startup, our coaches are here to help you achieve your goals with confidence and clarity.

Mental health support support support

Our team is proud to include psychotherapists trained in EMDR therapy, a therapeutic approach recognized for its effectiveness in treating trauma and anxiety disorders. These disturbances appear following a traumatic shock, and our brain is unable to process the information. It remains stuck on the event, without our being aware of it, and it’s the unprocessed traumatic experiences that are the source of these disturbances. EMDR then unblocks the body’s natural information-processing mechanisms, so that the trauma can finally be desensitized, even many years later.

With an empathetic and professional approach, our psychotherapist works with you to overcome the emotional and psychological challenges that may arise in your life. By integrating this therapeutic expertise with our holistic services, we are committed to accompanying you on your journey to total well-being, offering you the tools to cultivate optimal mental and emotional health.

Mental health support
Holistic therapies

Holistic Therapies Therapies Therapies

We are proud to offer you a range of innovative holistic therapies, designed specifically to meet your needs. From guided meditation to relaxing massage and therapeutic yoga, we also integrate modern and innovative approaches such as sound therapy, music therapy, art therapy, writing therapy, aromatherapy, nature therapy, crystal therapy, and breath therapy. Each of these therapies is carefully selected to offer you an incomparable experience of well-being, promoting relaxation, emotional balance and the revitalization of your being. Our highly skilled therapists are trained in the latest techniques and methods to ensure optimal results, and we are committed to providing you with personalized, high-end service at every stage of your experience. We believe in the importance of holistic well-being, and are committed to accompanying you on your journey towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

sports coaching and nutrition support support

Our sports coaches and nutritionists design personalized activity programs based on each person’s individual needs, whether on a one-to-one or group basis. Our qualified sports coaches are there to support you, whether you prefer personalized sessions for in-depth individual monitoring, or dynamic group sessions to encourage emulation and collective motivation.

Whether you want to improve your fitness, achieve specific sporting goals or simply adopt a more active lifestyle, our sports coaching programs are designed to help you realize your ambitions. With a personalized approach tailored to your needs, we offer you the tools and support you need to reach your full physical and mental potential.

We’re here to help you live an active, balanced life where sport and well-being play a central role in your personal development.

Sports Coaching
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Conciergerie Service Service Service

Our 24/7 concierge service is committed to ensuring the impeccable management of every aspect of your trip. We only work with highly qualified partners to ensure that you receive personalized, quality service at all times. Our team is on hand to offer you total peace of mind at every stage of your trip. You can count on us to meet your needs and solve any problems you may have with professionalism and efficiency. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities.

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Planning your next retreat? We take care of every detail for you.


Contact us via the form or by e-mail to tell us about your wishes.


Within 24 hours, we'll get back to you to arrange a telephone appointment to get a better idea of what you're looking for.


Once this discussion has taken place and the fees have been fixed and paid, we'll get down to the business of designing your tailor-made retreat package. We'll create your personalized travel journal and discuss it until it's just right for you. It presents every stage of your stay: flights, accommodation, itineraries, activities. All you have to do is click on each link to finalize your reservations and fly off to your destination.

As a consulting service specializing in personal, professional or therapeutic development retreats, Edelweiss Travel Designers is committed to providing you with a tailor-made, unique and enriching experience so that your journey towards well-being and harmony can begin.

Unlike traditional travel agencies, we guide you through the planning and booking process, giving you a more authentic and personalized experience.

We work closely with various service providers, such as boutique hotels, airlines, concierge services and local guides, to create an itinerary that perfectly suits your needs and desires.

Throughout your stay, we remain at your side as your privileged contact, offering you ongoing support and personalized assistance. Our remuneration is based on a percentage of the total cost of your stay, guaranteeing that our sole objective is your satisfaction and well-being throughout your trip.

Please note that Edelweiss travel designers’ services are in no way linked to the travel sales contract. The sale is made directly by the customer to the professional(s) (transport, accommodation, activities…). Edelweiss Travel Designers cannot be held responsible for flight cancellations by an airline operator, weather disruptions during the stay, errors in the dates of the stay, etc. The traveler must check the dates and content of the reservations offered. Travelers are advised to take out cancellation and repatriation insurance.

With Edelweiss Travel Designers, let us guide you to an unforgettable travel experience, where every moment is an opportunity for personal growth and deep connection with yourself and the world around you.