Circular artwork by Katia Garcia


Founder of Edelweiss Travel Designers

At the heart of a professional life rich in experience and a passion for travel cultivated since childhood, was born the inspiration that gave life to Edelweiss Travel Designers. Having spent a decade in the international hotel business and fifteen years in international transport logistics for some of the world’s leading luxury brands, my career has given me much more than professional skills, it has given me a deep understanding of the human and professional challenges we face.

Guided by a desire for personal and professional realignment, I undertook an introspective journey to Asia, combining this with professional coaching. There, in the maze of rich and diverse cultures, it became clear that this transformative experience could be shared for the well-being of other souls in search of clarity, resilience and growth.

Edelweiss Travel Designers was conceived as a bridge between travel and personal development. I’m a firm believer in the multiple benefits an intentional journey can bring, from self-discovery to solving mental challenges, building skills and aligning with life and career goals.

Every experience we create is an invitation to deep and lasting transformation, rooted in the belief that every journey can be a crucial chapter in the story of our lives. With Edelweiss Travel Designers, embark on a journey where every step is a discovery of yourself and the world around you.